Practice Areas

When biologists join, or renew their membership in, the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists, they are asked to specify their Practice Area(s) from a list of of options. Members have expressed a desire to see news and information about these Practice Areas (PAs) on the Society`s website.

This page – and those associated with it – are in development, so information is currently sparse. We beg your patience as we move this project along; frankly, it is exciting to see and learn about what our Members are doing, so we look forward to making regular progress.

For your information, the options currently listed as PAs are:

Bioengineering Riparian Areas Ecology
Entomology Herpetology
Ichthyology Lichenology
Mammology Microbiology
Mycology Reclamation and Remediation
Parasitology Population Ecology
Toxicology Vascular Plant Biology
Wetland Ecology Environmental management & regulatory compliance
Ornithology Non-Vascular Plant Biology
Cell Biology Aquatic Ecologist

Steering Committees are in place for some Practice Areas. The following links provide an overview and documentation (updated as available):