FAQ for New Members

Communication from the ASPB

To ensure you do not miss communication from the ASPB regarding your registration (and reclassification applications), please manage the following email addresses so they do not go to spam or get caught in your email filters: info@aspb.ab.ca, pbiol@aspb.ab.ca and registrar@aspb.ab.ca

How do I order my stamp and certificate?

Upon acceptance as a P. Biol. member you are entitled and required to receive a stamp and certificate at no charge. Certificate and stamp requests may be completed through your user portal. Once in the portal, scroll down on the left hand side and click on the item marked “Stamp Request.” 

When can I expect to receive my stamp and certificate?

We order stamps and certificates about every two months; therefore, it may take a couple of month for you to receive your stamp and certificate. Please make sure your shipping address is accurate as we ship the certificate and stamp to the shipping address indicated on the stamp and certificate request submission.Once your stamp and certification are received from the vendor, they will be shipped to you via Canada Post. You receive an email from Canada Post with the shipping information when a shipping label is created so you can track your package. The ASPB does not ship to addresses outside of Canada.

Please review the "Stamp Use Guidelines for new members" located in your user portal under "Member Downloads."

How do I correctly abbreviate my designation?

A professional biologist may use the title “Professional Biologist” and the abbreviations “P. Biol.” and “P Biol”.

Do I have to do the CCP (Continuing Competency Program)?

Only Professional Biologists must complete the CCP. If you just become a P. BIol, you start tracking your hours from the date you became a member, even in your first year. You need to submit your CCP in order to renew your dues - don't worry, you are not expected to 'earn' 35 PDH your first year! The first year pro-rate formula is (35/12)*X, where X is the number of full months that you were registered as a P Biol.

Please read through the handbook that is available in the Member portal under "Member Downloads"  for details about the program. It is up to each member to use their own judgement on where to enter their professional development in the app.

How do I pay my fees?

Login to the Member’s Portal, then click on "Pay Membership Fees" on left side menu bar. Follow the process from there. Fees must be paid within 90 days of the offer of registration, and you are not considered a member in good standing until you have paid your fees. That means you cannot use the P. Biol. or BIT designation until payment has been received.

All  members of ASPB must pay a registration fee starting when they are accepted as a member of ASPB. The registration year is from January 1 to December 31. Fees are pro-rated through the year for new members. They must pay the full fee at the next renewal period. Detailed information regarding renewals is available on the FAQ for Existing Members page.