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When you post your available positions with the ASPB, your listing will appear on the website Job Board and will also be referenced in our Bi-Weekly E-News bulletins, which reach the more than 2000 biologists who are members of the ASPB.

Please complete the form below to submit a posting. Please note: you may submit ONLY one job per posting. Multiple positions offered within the same posting may result in the posting being removed with no refund.

Your posting must be directly associated with the practice and profession of applied biology, and include a requirement that applicants have status as a biology professional (P. Biol.) and/or eligibility for accreditation through a professional biology organization such as the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (preferred).

The cost for this service is $0.00 plus GST for ASPB members and $0.00 plus GST for non-members. You will need to supply your credit card information (and membership number if applicable).

Postings which are not recruiting for registered biologists are subject to removal from the posting service at the discretion of the ASPB.

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