Grassland Assessment Training

Antelope Creek Ranch, Brooks, Alberta

September 12, 2019

Designed for students, agrologists, ecologists, land stewards, regulators, planners and reclamation practitioners and anyone interested in learning more about native grassland ecosystems. This one day, field-based course offers training on common plant identification, use of soils and landscape mapping (AGRASID and GVI) in relation to Alberta’s Range Plant Community Guides and Range Health Assessment Manuals. Designed to classify and assess grassland plant communities, these tools are critical for pre‐site assessments, reclamation design and restoration of native grassland.

  • Use of AGRASID and GVI for planning and assessment
  • Characteristics of Dry Mixedgrass Range Sites, Soils and Plant Communities
  • Project planning, Ecological Site Restoration Risk Assessment and Recovery Strategies
  • Range Health Assessment Protocol and Methods
  • Loamy and Blowout Range Site Range Site Grassland Assessment Exercises

Registration: Until Sunday August 11th, 2019 for $195.00 per person; After the early bird date $235.00 per person.

Registration for All Events: Online Registration for all events is available at; or you are welcome to contact Donna Watt directly at:  [email protected] or (403) 563‐8925 for student rates, registration, and additional information.