Alberta Biologists


Since 1991, Professional Biologists in Alberta have built credibility with the Alberta Government, which now requires professional sign-off in key regulated areas such as land reclamation and remediation. Professional Biologists can sign off on plans, maps, or any other form of document that government regulators rely upon for reporting. Alberta biologists are also one of only a few professions recognized as having the skills and competencies to protect wetlands.
Professional members hold the right to the title “professional biologist". They have document sign-off privileges and are a credible and objective source of advice to clients and the public in the event of regulatory hearings.
Being Regulated Professionals means adhering to the ASPB Code of Ethics through which they are subject to the Society's disciplinary process in case of grievances.

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The Alberta Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB) regulates the professional practice of biology in the  disciplines of Botany, Zoology, Environmental Biology and Microbiology, and all sub-disciplines below them.
The ASPB is the only organization for biologists in Alberta that is registered under Provincial laws.
Admission requirements to become a Professional Biologist include meeting academic, experience, and good character requirements. And, to maintain registration professional biologists must fulfill continuing competency requirements to stay abreast of changes in regulation and professional practice.