Who Are Professional Biologists?

Professional Biologists are regulated members of the ASPB, and are subject to a code of ethics, continuing competency, and a discipline process. The ASPB is a self regulated organization, meaning its purpose is to protect the public of Alberta by ensuring biologists are qualified to practice biology in accordance with legislation.

The ASPB regulates the professional practice of biology in the  disciplines of Botany, Zoology, Environmental Biology and Microbiology, and all sub-disciplines below them.

The ASPB is the only organization for biologists in Alberta that is registered under Provincial laws, and it achieved this status in 1991 after the approval of The Professional Biologists Regulation and the Alberta Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act. Registration of the Society gives its members the exclusive use of the title “Professional Biologist” and its abbreviation “P. Biol.” as well as "Biologist in Training" and its abbreviation "BIT."

Admission requirements to become a professional member are specified in the Regulations and include meeting academic, experience, and good character requirements. To maintain registration, professional members must fulfill continuing competency requirements, adhere to the Society’s Code of Ethics, and be subject to disciplinary action in the event of a complaint.