Protecting the Public

The ASPB was registered under the Professional Occupational and Associations Registration Act (POARA) in 1991. Through this legislation, the Alberta Government delegates self-governing responsibilities to the ASPB to safeguard the public interest. Through POARA, the Professional Biologist Regulation and the ASPB Bylaws, the Society ensures that members meet educational and experience requirements to become a Professional Biologist, and provide safe, ethical and competent services. (This mandate is achieved through a Continuing Competency Program referred to as "CCP".) 

The ASPB further regulates biology professionals through ensuring there is a disciplinary process should a complaint be received from either a member of the public or a member of the Society. This protects the public by ensuring biology professionals are adhering to a code of ethics and are acting within their area of competence.

The title "Professional Biologist" is a protected title in Alberta - this means only P. Biol.s who are members in good standing with the ASPB can use the title.