Logo Use

Logo Usage Policy and Guidelines
Alberta Society of Professional Biologists

March 16, 2015

  1. General Purpose and Objectives
    The ASPB name and logo are valuable properties of the ASPB organization and the ASPB community because they visibly represent the Society’s commitment to professional practice in Alberta. The purpose of this policy is to enhance and ensure the continued value of the ASPB name and logo to the ASPB Member community.
  2. Fair Use
    The term "ASPB" may be used by media, researchers, etc. as covered by fair use, but may not be altered. Do NOT use lower case letters (i.e. aspb, Aspb). The ASPB logo may not be altered in any manner including colour.
  3. Use by Members
    Only Members of ASPB may use the ASPB logo to show affiliation with ASPB without explicit prior permission so long as it stands alone and is not altered or combined with other images. Common forms may include, but are not limited to, project websites, member affiliated sites and informational material.
  4. Use by Non-Member Organizations
    Non-member organizations may not use either the ASPB logo in any fashion to show affiliation with ASPB without written permission from ASPB.
  5. Permission and Approval
    The ASPB logo may not be used to imply affiliation with or endorsement by, ASPB without written permission from ASPB. Once permission is granted, the logo may be used only for the stated purpose and in the manner for which permission is granted. Each request will be evaluated individually and permission will be granted based on the discretion of ASPB. 

All requests and questions regarding logo use please e-mail  [email protected].