Mentoring Program

To support and encourage the professional development of its members, the ASPB mentoring program was established to provide a platform for members to share valuable knowledge and experience for their personal and professional development. 

The program offers an opportunity for cross-fertilization of professional expertise and ideas among ASPB members: experienced professionals share their knowledge and experience with novice and new members while the new members allow experienced members to develop leadership skills. The objectives of the program include the following:

  • To facilitate knowledge transfer and capacity building
  • To provide means for networking, and sharing data on best practices
  • To create opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development

The ASPB mentoring program structure is based on a one-year commitment for mentors (experienced and knowledgeable biologists) and protégés (individuals willing to learn from a more experienced professional). Registration in the ASPB Mentoring Program takes place between January 1st and February 28th each year, coinciding with the ASPB membership renewal period. We do not accept applications outside this period.