The Alberta Society of Professional Biologists is a self governing organization registered under the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act (POARA). This means the ASPB must provide leadership to its members in the best interest of public safety. Under POARA, the ASPB must ensure order conduct of its members.

The Professional Biologist (P Biol) is a protected title under legislation, and as such, any P Biol found to be in contravention of the standards of conduct expected of P Biols can be subject to discipline action under POARA.


It is important that in any dispute, the parties involved try and resolve the issue themselves. If this is not possible or the situation cannot be resolved, then the next step is to file a formal complaint with the ASPB.

Lodging a Formal Complaint

Any member of the public or profession may file a complaint against a Professional Biologist. The complaint must be on the form provided below, and be signed by the complainant. It is important to note that should the member be contacted, they will receive the original documentation including the complainant's name.

Filing a complaint:

   Complaint FAQ

   Complaint Form