Brown Bag Lunch - Health Impact of Sulfolane on the Development of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

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Presenter:    Soham Shaw


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Date:              October 19, 2017

Time:              Noon to 1 pm

Location:    Conference Room ‘A’, Husky Conference Centre, Calgary, AB - Plus 30 level, 707-8th Avenue SW

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Showcase the health impact of an environmental contaminant sulfolane using 3 different approaches:

 1.    Morphometric Approach (i.e. visually quantifying growth and development markers using a dissecting microscope)

 2.    Behavioural Approach (ie. determining the impact of sulfolane exposure on the nervous system through quantification of behavior)

 3.    Genetic Approach (ie. looking at differential gene expression to determine the action of sulfolane on a cellular / genetic level)

Presenter biography:

Soham Shah is a 2nd year master’s student at the University of Calgary in Dr. Hamid Habibi’s Lab that focuses on comparative endocrinology. Before he joined his masters, he completed a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, also from the University of Calgary where he did multiple independent research projects in plant biology, plant and animal ecology, biochemistry and developmental toxicology. He is passionate about research.

 Falling in love with developmental toxicology, he decided to follow that for his masters and as such he researches the impact of an environmental contaminant primarily from the oil and gas industry, sulfolane, on the growth and development of a model vertebrate organism, zebrafish.

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