Brown Bag Lunch - Wild Bee Diversity in Alberta

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Presenter:    Megan Evans


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Date:               November 1, 2017

Time:               Noon to 1 pm

Location:      Conference Room ‘A’, Husky Conference Centre, Calgary, AB - Plus 30 level, 707-8th Avenue SW

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Alberta has over 300 wild bee species but most research and attention is focused on a handful of managed species. These wild bees face many of the same threats as managed bees, in addition to competition for food caused by the increasing presence of non-native, managed bees. More awareness of the diversity and conservation issues surrounding our native bees is needed.  Land managers (and the general public) should be aware that non-native, managed bees can have a negative impact on our native pollinators.

Presenter biography:

Megan completed her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at the University of Calgary. During this time, she spent her summers working with Agriculture Canada on a pollination study and this began a true love and respect for native bees. She then pursued a master’s degree studying grazing impacts on native pollinators in rough fescue grasslands. After this and a short stint working in the environmental consulting industry, Megan was hired as an Invasive Plants Technician with AESRD and then as a Forest Health Officer before joining Alberta Parks as a Park Ecologist.

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