An Environmental Consultant Goes to Tanzania

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Presenter:  Lindsey Park (B.Sc., P.Biol.)  

Date:              May 30th, 2017

Time:              12 - 1pm

Location:      Conference Room ‘A’, Husky Conference Centre, Calgary, AB

                             Plus 30 level, 707-8th Avenue SW (take the escalator up two flights)


  CCP:              This presentation entitles ASPB members to earn 1 Professional Development Hour

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Ever wonder what the environmental regulatory situation is like in other countries? That’s a question that has plagued the presenter for a number of years. Is Canada doing a great job compared to other countries, or is there a lot that can be learned from how others are doing it? As a first step to answering this question, the presenter worked as an environmental advisor in Tanzania in 2016 and has brought back stories from the field.

Laid off due to the economic downturn in Calgary in 2015, this “economic refugee” took the opportunity to find greener pastures in Tanzania. Working as an environmental advisor for the Tanzania Local Enterprise Development Project in 2016, Lindsey collaborated with business owners, municipal governments, federal agencies and NGOs with the goal of increasing environmental sustainability of businesses.

Join Lindsey for a look at the environmental protection, regulations, attitudes and beliefs encountered while working in Tanzania. She will share some of the environmental challenges and difficulties she saw regarding environmental protection. Tune in for a look at her personal experience with working in Tanzania, with some humorous and many humbling stories along the way.



Lindsey Park is a Professional Biologist and environmental consultant. Born and raised in Alberta, Lindsey has always had an interest in environmental advocacy. She has an undergraduate degree in ecology from the University of Calgary, and has been an avid learner ever since. With interests in everything from plant ID to traditional plant use, conservation to renewable energies, and volunteering on various environmental projects over the years; working abroad was always in the books. Lindsey worked as an environmental consultant for five years, with the opportunity to work all over Western Canada. With the economic downturn in Calgary in 2015, Lindsey took the opportunity to pursue a life dream of working in international development.

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