Reference Requirements

The ASPB will send the reference a form which asks them for their contact information, their professional credentials (e.g., P.Biol., PAg, RPF) how long and in what capacity they have known you, their knowledge about your work, and any comments they wish to make about your character. When completed, the reference submits the form and it is sent electronically back to the ASPB office.
Your references should be familiar with your work in the field of biological sciences. At least one of them must be a member of a regulated professional association (P.Eng., P.Chem.,), with a strong preference for a P.Biol. One of your references should be from your current or past supervisor, and at least one reference must be from someone outside your current place of work.
References are submitted through on the online application system. Each reference will receive an email with the link to submit, and reference request reminders are sent every two weeks until the reference is submitted. Please be aware, your references email addresses may have filtering software applied to it which may prevent the email from being delivered or filter the reference request email into spam or trash inboxes. They may need to consult with an IT department (or check their filters) for the email to be successfully delivered. Reference requests are sent from the email address [email protected].