FAQ for Existing Members

ASPB fee adjustments for 2023:

The Board of Directors and the ED have completed a review in response to increased demands on the society in areas of registration and applications, government reporting (Ministry of Labour) and competency requirements. The Board has determined there will need to be some fee adjustments going forward: renewals will open Dec 1, and new rates will be in effect Jan 1, 2023. For more information please read the text of the executive review HERE .

Communication from the ASPB

To ensure you do not miss communication from the ASPB regarding your registration (and reclassification applications), please manage the following email addresses so they do not go to spam or get caught in your email filters: info@aspb.ab.ca, pbiol@aspb.ab.ca, editor@aspb.ab.ca,office@aspb.ab.ca and registrar@aspb.ab.ca.

Reclassifying from BTT,RBIT,BIT to RT BIOL, R BIOL OR P BIOL?

Head to the FAQ for Applicants page for information on reclassifying.

Reclassifying from P BIOL to Temporary Withdrawn or Associated?

Please review the information on this page and on the category pages for those category.

Reinstating, re-applying or returning registrant or applicant?

Previous registrants and applicants can find information here about returning to the register and re-applying.

What are my option for managing my registration as P Biol or Temporary Withdrawn registrant?

For P Biol registrants, you may reclassify to Temporary Withdrawn or Associated Biologist. See the section "How do I go on Temporary Withdrawn or Associated Biologist Status?"

Temporary Withdrawn registrants may re-classify to Associated Biologist or P Biol. See the section "How do I go on Temporary Withdrawn or Associated Biologist Status?"

You may resign your registration.  See the section "What if I wish to resign my registration?"

What are my registration management options to put my registration on hold  if I'm not a P Biol?

At this time, Temporary Withdrawn and Associate Biologist categories are only available to P Biol registrants. Registrants in other categories options: remain in their current register by paying the renewal fee or to resign registration. See the section "What if I wish to resign my registration?"

What if I've returned to school?

If you have returned to school full-time, you may re-classify to the Student register through your online user portal. Re-classifying removes your status (and use of the title.) When you wish to return, you will need to meet the requirements in effect at the time you apply for registration. (This may include applying as a new applicant.)

How do I go on Temporary Withdrawn or Associated Biologist Status?

You must apply for Temporary Withdrawn or Associated Biologist through your user portal by clicking on "Apply to Reclassify" in your user portal:

Once you input your CCP, you must complete the application to reclassify. If the status under “Purchased” is “false”, your application has not been submitted. You can complete the submission of your application by clicking on the “Continue” in the far right-hand column under “My Membership Applications” in your user portal (see picture below.) Complete the application though the $0 fee payment screen.