Temporary Withdrawn Biologist

This category allows Professional Biologists to temporarily withdraw from the association for a period of up to two years upon completion of the application to be Temporary Withdrawn. You can access the application here. Temporary Withdrawn Biologists may not use the title of Professional Biologist or P. Biol.during the time they are on Temporary Withdrawn status and must pay applicable temporary withdrawn membership fees as outlined on the Membership Fees page. Many members apply for this status while on parental leave or out of the work force.

Within a period of two years from the notification, any Temporary Withdrawn Biologist in good standing will be reinstated as a P. Biol. or Associated Biologist upon completing an application to go from Temporary Withdrawn to P. Biol.You can access the application here. A Temporary Withdrawn Biologist who does not apply for re-instatement within the two-year period will automatically reinstated as a Professional Biologist and required to pay applicable fees. We do not require you to fill out a full application form, as you have already been assessed and we have your info. Simply just that you are going from Temporary Withdrawn to P. Biol.