College of Applied Biology Applicants

On April 1, 2009, the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) came into effect. The TILMA states that any worker certified for an occupation by a regulatory authority of British Columbia or Alberta shall be recognized as qualified to practice that occupation by the other province. In 2010, the Governments of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan signed the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) to replace TILMA. As of 2016, Manitoba has also joined.

Under the NWPTA, the ASPB is required to recognize any worker who is currently as a  Registered Professional Biologist (R.P. Bio.) in good standing with the British Columbia College of  Applied Biology (BC-CAB) as eligible for registration as a Professional Biologist in Alberta.

As a P Biol or a RPBio, NWPTA allows for a recognition of eligibility for registration; it is not a transfer of registration. Registering in each organization creates two separate registrations – one in the ASPB and one in BC CAB - and each registration has separate fees paid to separate regulators.

A R.P.Bio from British Columbia who wishes to become a P. Biol. in Alberta is required to complete an ASPB membership application form, be confirmed as an R.P.Bio in good standing by the BC CAB Registrar, and pay the ASPB membership fee. All regulated members must also complete an ethics quiz as prescribed by the Association. To start the process of becoming an ASPB member,please fill out an online application form showing that you are a BC CAB member, then request a form be sent to you by emailing After you complete the form sent to you, please submit to BC CAB for processing.

You can access the application by clicking on "Join Now" at the bottom left of this page. Once in the application select "NWPTA - RPBio to P. Biol." as the membership type per the below screen shot:

For biologists in Saskatchewan and Manitoba where the practice is not regulated, they must meet the requirements of ASPB and apply as a new applicant.