Internationally Trained Applicants


If your credentials are from outside of Canada, you must get a specialized International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) assessment completed. The assessment will compare your educational credentials against educational standards in Canada.

You must get a specialized assessment, which will list the courses you have taken, as the ASPB counts courses to determine if you meet the qualifications. Please see the FAQ page for details on academic requirements.

For further details on IQAS, please visit their website. Please do not forward the ASPB your academic credentials - we only need the specialized certificate provided by IQAS.


Your work experience outside of Canada counts towards your Professional Biologist designation. Please look at the FAQ page for applicants for details on what we require for work experience.


If you are new to Canada and have yet to establish a connection with a regulated professional, and you do not know a regulated professional yet, you may use university professors as references. It is advisable to network with fellow biologists as soon as you can, so you can build a rapport and use one of them as a reference when you apply for membership.