Membership Fees

ASPB Membership Fees - For more information regarding the fee increases for 2023 please read the text of the executive review HERE

All  members of ASPB must pay a registration fee starting when they are accepted as a member of ASPB. The registration year is from January 1 to December 31. Fees are pro-rated through the year for new members. They must pay the full fee at the next renewal period. Please review the information in the Membership Fee Renewal Process section.

Students: There is not an application or registration fee. However, you must complete the renewal process each year to retain your registration.

Membership Fee Renewal Process

The registration year is from January 1 to December 31. Renewal for the next year open in December of the current year. You must renew your fees by January 1  in order to be considered a member in good standing. For example, on December 1, 2021, renewals for the 2022 registration year will open. To be a member in good standing, registrants must pay their renewal fee by 1 January 2021. Late fees are added March 1. If you do not renew by April 30, the ASPB will remove your name from the register of members, and you are no longer a registrant of the ASPB. You will be required to reapply to ASPB under current requirements if you wish to be a member once again. This may involve paying an application or reinstatement  fee, and having your documents sent to the ASPB office to reviewed.

Professional Biologists who desire to reclassify to Temporary Withdrawn or Associated status must log into the member portal and apply to be reclassified.

To request resignation from the ASPB, log into the member portal and apply  for resignation.

Application Fees

Professional Biologist                                  $ 100

Associated Biologist to P Biol                  $  50

Temporary Withdrawn                                 $  0   *Temporary Withdrawn is only available to P Biol registrants - review the information here
Registered Biologist                                      $ 100

Registered Technologist in Biology      $ 100

Associated Biologist                                     $   0
Biologist in Training                                      $  50
Registered Biologist in Training             $  50

Biological Technologist in Training      $  50

Student Member                                            $   0

Reinstatement                                                $250 * For more information regarding reinstatement click here

Archive                                                                $25-50 * For more information regarding Archive fee click here

Payments for application fees cannot be used towards your membership fee and they cannot be refunded.