Biological Technologist in Training

This membership category will be non regulated until such time as the Professional Biologist Regulation is amended. At that time, the BTT will be regulated and will have full title protection.

This category designates individuals who fully meet the academic requirements for membership, but do not have sufficient experience (i.e., two years) in the practice of biology.

An applicant for membership as a BTT in the ASPB must hold a two year diploma from a Canadian college, or equivalent. The diploma must contain 60 course credits and at least eight biology/ecology courses, applied science courses, and at least one communications and one statistics course. An applicant should arrange for university transcripts and proof of degree to be sent directly from the university to the ASPB office. For applicants who have completed post secondary education outside Canada, they must submit a third party evaluation of their academics, such as IQAS. More information is available on the FAQ for Applicants page located here.

The ASPB has accredited several post secondary programs for college graduates. This list includes:


  • Biological Sciences
  • Renewable Resources
  • Lab and Research

Lethbridge Community College

  • Fish and Wildlife
  • Renewable Resource Management

Lakeland College at Vermillion

  • Environmental Sciences Diploma
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Major
  • Conservation and Restoration Ecology (CARE)

This is not an exhaustive list - programs will be added once they have been reviewed.


Before applying under this category, please read the FAQ PAGE,where you will also find a "Quick Start Information Sheet" with screen shots of the application process.

Apply to become a Biological Technologist in Training here.