Student Biologist

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This category provides an opportunity for any student enrolled in a full-time program of biology (or with a focus in biology) at a Canadian university or an ASPB approved college program to be members of the ASPB. Individuals applying for membership as a Student Biologist must be enrolled in a full-time program of biology to the ASPB and pay yearly dues.

The ASPB’s Registration Committee considers that any Canadian university degree in a biology program, which includes botany, zoology, environmental biology and microbiology, is adequate to meet the academic requirements of a BIT. Other degrees, although they are not named “biology”, may include enough biological content to be accepted.

The ASPB has compiled a document to help those who are interested in becoming members of the ASPB select courses that will provide them with the necessary academic qualifications. This is not an exhaustive list of courses but provided as guidance to applicants to see what courses the ASPB considers biology.

ASPB approved college programs are listed below:

  • NAIT: (Biological Sciences) Renewable Resources, and Lab and Research
  • Lethbridge Community College: Fish and Wildlife
  • Lakeland College at Vermillion: (Environmental Sciences Diploma) Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation Major and Conservation and Restoration Ecology (CARE)


Before applying under this category, please read the FAQ PAGE, where you will also find a "Quick Start Information Sheet" with screen shots of the application process.

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