Associated Biologist

A Professional Biologist or Temporarily Withdrawn Biologist who is no longer practicing biology may become an Associated Biologist with payment of applicable fees. Retired P. Biols., or those whose careers have taken them in other directions, and other members taking an extended break fit in this category. An associated member may no longer use the Professional Biologist title, and Associated members do not have a vote in the Society. If they wish to return to professional status, they may apply for reclassification back to Professional Biologist if the application is submitted within seven years of reclassifying from Professional Biologist. These application are reviewed and approved by the Registration Committee. You can access the application here.

What if I want to renew as an Associated Biologist?

Professional Biologists who desire to renew as an Associated Biologist, must apply through the portal to reclassify to the Associated Biologist category, be approved and pay the  Associated Biologist renewal fees. Applications submitted after 31 December must include a declaration the P Biol has not used their stamp or the title of Professional Biologist in since 31 December of calendar year that just expired. For example, on January 1, 2021, the declaration must state the stamp and title have not been used since 31 December 2020.

Applications to Associated Biologists without the confirmation CANNOT be processed and applicants that do not supply the confirmation nor pay the P Biol renewal fees will be canceled from the roster if the renewal fees are not paid by the deadline.Approved applicants that do not pay the  Associated Biologist renewal fees by the deadline will also be canceled from the Roster.

DO NOT PAY  P. BIOL. RENEWAL FEES IF YOU WISH TO RENEW AS AN ASSOCIATED BIOLOGIST. Apply to reclassify per the above directions. Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.