Membership Categories

The technologist membership stream shall be non regulated until such time the Professional Biologist Regulation is amended.

ASPB Registration Pathways

*Acceptable Degree: A four-year (120 course credits) BSc awarded by a Canadian post-secondary institution comprised of approximately 1800 hours of formal lecture or seminar time instruction (time in labs or lab courses are not counted in the total hours).

**Biology Degree: Undergraduate degree, or postgraduate degree in a biological science which includes sub-discipline or specialization fields such as botany, zoology, microbiology, and environmental biology.

***Acceptable Diploma: Generally, a two-year degree (60 course credits) awarded by a Canadian post-secondary institution comprised of approximately a minimum of 900 hours of formal lecture or seminar time instruction, that includes at least eight biology/ecology courses, and 5 applied science courses, and at least one communications and one statistics course (lab time is not included in total hours).

****Academic Upgrading: Take courses to meet academic requirements (check educational requirements under registrant category) - courses must be part of a degree granting program.

For any inquiries or to seek further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].


Important Information:

-Equivalency is the conversion of appropriate biological experience to acceptable biological content courses (only applications for BIT and P Biol are eligible for equivalency). Generally the conversion is 6 months of full time equivalent (FTE) appropriate biological experience per junior course and 12 months of FTE appropriate biological experience per senior course. Generally, FTE experience is accepted to be 37.5 hours a week.

-Applicants may apply directly for P. Biol., R.T. Biol., and R. Biol. without going through the "Student" or "in training" categories first.

-An acceptable biological content course is a science course deemed to be greater than 50% biological in content.

-A science course is generally delivered by the Science department of a post secondary institution, includes biology, chemistry, math, physics, and other subjects as identified by the RC.

-For P. Biol. applicants only, a M.Sc or Ph.D each may count as 1 year of experience (must demonstrate biological nature of course work and thesis).