Action Plan for the Carmine Shiner in Canada

In 2003, the Carmine Shiner was legally listed as Threatened under the Species at Risk Act (SARA). In 2006, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) re-examined and confirmed the status of the Carmine Shiner as Threatened based on an updated status report (COSEWIC 2006). Subsequent to listing the Carmine Shiner as Threatened is the requirement for the development of a recovery strategy. The Carmine Shiner Recovery Team developed the first Recovery Strategy, which was posted on the Species at Risk Public Registry in 2008 (Carmine Shiner Recovery Team 2007).  In 2013, the Recovery Strategy was revised (including the identification of critical habitat) and re-posted to the Public Registry (Fisheries and Oceans Canada 2013). This Action Plan addresses the ongoing and future activities towards meeting the objectives listed in the Recovery Strategy for the Carmine Shiner since its publication in 2008 and the revised Recovery Strategy.

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