The Director issued the final terms of reference for the environmental impact assessment report for the Pembina Gas Services Ltd. Two Lakes Sour Gas Processing Facility.

Pembina’s proposed project is a sour gas processing facility capable of processing up to 200 million cubic feet per day of raw sour inlet gas containing up to 8% H2S. The project would take in sour gas from the surrounding area and produce sales gas (methane), natural gas liquids (NGLs – used to make ethane, propane and butane), condensate and sulphur. The components of the Project include: a raw gas, hydrocarbon liquids inlet; produced water separation and handling processing unit; an amine sweetening unit; a gas processing and NGL recovery unit; a sulphur recovery unit to create liquid sulphur from recovered H2S; a condensate stabilization processing unit; and natural gas compression for sweet sales gas. The project location is approximately 45 km southwest of Grande Prairie within the M.D. of Greenview at 05-16-068-09 W6M.


More information about the project and the final terms of reference are available at: