The Government of Alberta is consulting Albertans on Bighorn Country, a proposal for a mix of parks and public lands that would conserve important and unique natural landscapes while encouraging economic, recreation and tourism opportunities and a way to strengthen the existing management of the area. The goal is to ensure safe and positive outdoor recreation and tourism experiences; protect critical headwaters and the environment; and continue to support the opportunities this area provides to Albertans. Bighorn Country includes the designation of a new Wildland Provincial Park and new, expanded or amended parks, recreation areas, and Public Land Use Zones. The proposal would support policy integration and direction, and the clarity needed to help guide decisions that collectively reflect and support the needs and values of Albertans.

The government is seeking feedback to help it better understand how social, environmental and economic values shape conservation and recreation management in Bighorn Country. Further information on the proposal and an online survey are available at

For enquiries, e-mail: [email protected]