Dean Falkenberg appointed Executive Director at ASPB

Dean Falkenberg  comes to the ASPB with over 20 years in business from a diverse background including family business, private corporation, and venture capital. Dean also brings board experience in the not-for-profit and educational sectors, along with skills in business, strategy, policy, stakeholder engagement, team development, and succession. He has been involved in negotiations with educational institutions, governments, and Fortune 100 companies.
Born in Winnipeg, Dean has lived most of his life in Calgary, save for one year in Algeria. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology (of course!) and has recently completed a Masters' program through University of Waterloo, in Corporate Sustainability (MEB).
Dean has already rolled up his sleeves and dove into the issues on the ASPB's plate with respect to registration, regulation, and legislation. Working closely with the Board, he has a communicative and collaborative approach that welcomes the challenges ahead from a position of opportunity.

You can find him on LinkedIn, and will hear from him with updates in the days and weeks ahead.