Membership Update

ASPB Membership Update
If you have been reading recent issues of BIOS, you will have read that the ASPB has been working hard to become more inclusive of biologists in the province. The board has approved changes to the Registration Committee Policy Handbook including important changes to the Registered Biologist category and the technologist membership stream!
Here is an update to the membership on a few key items:
  • Additions to the Handbook include clarifications to the delegation of authority by the Board through the Executive Director to the Registration and Practice Review Committees, along with increased responsibility to the Registrar.
  • Changes to how things are done: documentation collected from applicants will be application-based instead of a requirement for a résumé.
  • Experience requirements have expanded to include proposed changes to regulations that the membership approved at the special general meeting in 2014. These changes are being included in our regulation update.
  • The equivalency section has been updated and is being implemented and some more work is being done to capture different scenarios.
  • The board approved the Registered Biologist (R. Biol.) membership category to be a transition category. R. Biol. members will need to either take additional courses to meet P. Biol. requirements, or ensure they are getting work experience to compensate for courses not taken, to meet the equivalency requirements. This ensures that people who are accepted into the ASPB as Registered Biologists have a plan for achieving P. Biol. status.
  • Registered Biologists in Training can either take additional courses and reclassify as a Professional Biologist when they meet the experience requirements, or they can apply for R. Biol. and then proceed as mentioned above.
  • Technologist requirements have been outlined and will be posted online once the website has been updated.
If you have any questions about any of the above changes, please contact the ASPB office.
  • The handbook is also available with a membership flow chart HERE