Order Amending Schedule 1 to the Species at Risk Act (Vol. 154, No. 36, September 05, 2020)

Species proposed for addition to Schedule 1 of SARA


•       False-foxglove Sun Moth (endangered)

•       Acuteleaf Small Limestone Moss (endangered)

•       Quebec Rockcress (endangered)

•       Red-tailed Leafhopper (Great Lakes Plains population) (special concern)

•       Red-tailed Leafhopper (Prairie population) (special concern)

•       Eastern Painted Turtle (special concern)

•       Midland Painted Turtle (special concern)

•       Yukon Wild Buckwheat (special concern)


Species proposed for reclassification to Schedule 1 of SARA


•       Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander (Appalachian population) (from threatened to endangered)

•       Red-headed Woodpecker (from threatened to endangered)

•       Spoon-leaved Moss (from endangered to threatened)

•       Prairie Skink (from endangered to special concern)


Species proposed for name change only


•       Coastal Vesper Sparrow

•       Streaked Horned Lark