Terms of Reference for Coalspur Mine (Operations) Ltd. (Coalspur) Vista Coal Mine Phase II Project are now available for public comment. 

Comments are due to the Director by May 16, 2019.

Coalspur is proposing a westward expansion of their approved Vista mine. The proposal is for an expansion to the open pit surface coal mine to recover the same seams and would use the same methods as the existing mine. The project would use existing infrastructure such as coal processing facilities (including refuse production facilities), primary access roads and a coal loadout facility. Coalspur would operate the mine as one complex with potential to increase annual production from 10 to 15 million clean tons, on average.


The project area is approximately 3.5 km east of Hinton, AB, located in Township 51, Ranges 23 & 24, west of the 5th Meridian, in Yellowhead County.


More information about the project and the proposed terms of reference are available at: https://www.alberta.ca/environmental-impact-assessments-current-projects.aspx