A listing order for 14 species at risk was registered under the Species at Risk Act (SARA) on April 23, 2021 and published in Canada Gazette, part II on May 12, 2021. You can find the order and the accompanying Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement at: 

Species being added to Schedule 1 of SARA

•	False-foxglove Sun Moth (endangered) 
•	Acuteleaf Small Limestone Moss (endangered) 
•	Quebec Rockcress (endangered) 
•	Red-tailed Leafhopper, Great Lakes Plains population (special concern) 
•	Red-tailed Leafhopper, Prairie population (special concern) 
•	Eastern Painted Turtle (special concern) 
•	Midland Painted Turtle (special concern) 
•	Yukon Wild Buckwheat (special concern)

Species being reclassified in Schedule 1 of SARA

•	Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander, Appalachian population (from threatened to endangered) 
•	Red-headed Woodpecker (from threatened to endangered) 
•	Spoon-leaved Moss (from endangered to threatened) 
•	Prairie Skink (from endangered to special concern)

Changes to the species name only 
•	Coastal Vesper Sparrow 
•	Streaked Horned Lark