The proposed terms of reference for the Suncor Energy Inc. Base Mine Extension Project are now available for public comment. Comments are due to the director by April 20, 2021.

Suncor Energy Inc. is seeking regulatory approval for the proposed Base Mine Extension Project (the Project). The proposed location of the Project is within portions of Townships 90, 91, 92, and Ranges 10, 11 W4M, located within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo on the west side of the Athabasca River near the existing Oil Sands Base Plant facilities (Base Plant). The Project would consist of an oil sand mine and associated activities as an extension of the Base Plant operation near Fort McMurray, Alberta. The Project includes an open pit mining operation supplying oil sands to new bitumen froth production facilities (primary extraction). Bitumen froth would be delivered by pipeline to Base Plant for further processing, including secondary extraction and upgrading into various product blends for market. Further integration between the Project and Base Plant includes utilities and water systems.

More information about the project and the proposed terms of reference are available at: