The ASPB and your personal information

The ASPB does not release any personal membership information whatsoever, to anyone, ever.*

We are aware, though, that a number of professional organizations in Alberta have recently been solicited for this information, using "phishing" techniques. ("Phishing" is when you hack/steal data by pretending to be someone else.)

To date we have not been approached to release this information. Only the Executive Director has access to this information and any request for the release of information goes through her. Even our collaborating partners (such as TD or Hub) do not get mailing lists from the ASPB - if they wish to communicate to our members we will on occasion send emails to our members on their behalf but will never share the list.

*We take all possible precautions to protect our Members, notwithstanding that it is our legislated obligation to respond to a request about the membership status of a named individual.